Happy Friday everyone, today I am super stoked to finally share with you the full EP by the mastermind Arms and Sleepers - where to in this world.

The 5-piece track musical experience is a mix of dark downtempo/chillhop experience that comes with its falling sounds and steady rhythms, like in the 1st single "what have you tried lately", but sometimes it includes beautiful vocals like the one from Sofia Insua in the second single "all forgotten".

The focus track "to feel something" is the most important letter & last chapter of the story with its balmy keys paired with smooth drums and vibrations instead of words that are meant to be listened to carefully.

Ramic’s goal in music is to be absolutely honest while writing tunes based on what is impactful for him at the moment. Being from Bosnia, the current war in Ukraine brought back childhood memories and through this record, he recalls his Ukrainian friends’ stories but also remembers what it’s like to be on the other side, trying to survive. where this world has a sadder turn dealing with topics of war, forced migration, mental health, and remembrance of a homeland changed forever. The EP is also his journey that leads him back to Europe after many years spent in the US.

“I conceived the idea behind this EP after seeing the World War II painting “Flanders (Where To In This World?)” by the artist Franz Radziwill. It’s a striking image portraying the horror of war, which has been an important part of my identity (having experienced war in Bosnia as a child). It was also a reminder about the continuing horrors of war, in places like Ukraine that has been an important part of my life. I’ve been touring in Ukraine as a musician every year over the last decade, and some of my fondest music memories were made there. So to see the country bombed and destroyed, in a similar was that my country was bombed and destroyed, was deeply upsetting and sad. With so many new refugees now looking for a different life somewhere far away from home, like I did in the 1990s, I started processing all those familiar feelings of trauma, despair, and uncertainty. I wanted to create a release that processes those emotions through music, if nothing else then for me to find a breath of air in a world that sometimes feels like it’s sinking fast” - Arms and Sleepers

Listen to it on your fav streaming platform here.

posted by Boris
April 2023