posted by Alex
May 2014

I first stumbled upon Punk Goes 90's Volume 2 by Fearless Records and the absolutely dreadful cover of otherwise classic Gangsta's Paradise song. This did not stop me from going through the remaining eleven songs of which the cover of "Everlong" immediately intrigued me. I admit I have not heard of The Color Morale before but in my modest opinion they have done an amazing job covering this song. The instrumental is staying close to the original whereas the vocals were given freedom of expression making them intently passionate.  This is where the cover rises above the dozens of others I have listened to previously - the Color Morale dare to be different and are not trying to walk the straight of the original

After listening to this cover I checked out approximately twenty others and found a few  that are worth sharing. The next one is by Major League, an alternative punk rock band from New Jersey, USA. An acoustic cover, performed live in someone's cosy apartment.


The next cover is seriously impressive. They lyrics are the same but everything else is completely replaced. It is more of a hymn-like performance by a female choir accompanied by a piano that evokes a certain elegy. The video to the song additionally enhances the emotional stir one falls into.

Last but not least, check out this violin and guitar cover by two talented guys. You can also watch them cover Radiohead and Sound Garden here.