Released just today on Philos Records, Artitakts single "Hustler" throws does some phat kicks, hypnotic synths, and samples on the funky-fresh frequencies. As an enthusiast of the percussive elements, this song does all the tricks I vibe with. An uptempo hip-hop groove, brisk basslines, and that off-beat hi-hat set the conditions for a hip-hop induced trance.

Check out more from Artifakts off of this collection of tunes he released earlier this year on cassette.

Artifakts's music has reached an especially large audience this year. He first gained support from Kansas City-based independent record label Philos Records later to be noticed by artists on the All Good Records label.  Unreleased collabs with All Good's own Manic Focus and an offical colloration with label proprietor GRiZ has show that his work has gone answered by such successes.

Check out the free download link at the top to cop this!

posted by Mike
December 2016