Gus Walker is an independent artist from The Netherlands. His music is a fresh, poppy and recognizable blend of styles with a solid foundation of reggae and hip-hop beats. In his songs, Gus contemplates about the complexities of life with an open-minded message of affection and unity. Gus Walker always speaks from the heart and is not afraid to explore new horizons through his music. He encourages listeners to think for themselves, to look critically at the world and to be open toward what is different; without boxes or frames. On stage with his live band, Gus creates an intimate atmosphere of togetherness, celebrating life with his audience. Their performances are energetic and at the same time sultry like a warm summer breeze. In 2022, he released his first single Come Find Me. It’s a fresh pop reggae track with elements of hip-hop produced by Boudewijn Pleij. The track calls for people to unite and to not be afraid to open up to each other. Gus Walker's debut album Pink Skies is set for release early 2023.