Justin Christopher exists somewhere between enigma and life-long friend. At times he is feverishly imaginative, exposing a ruminative struggle to reach the core of something not quite defined yet strangely familiar. Other times he is daringly emotional, sounding off a personal truth that carries the weight of an open confessional booth balancing on tightrope. Justin Christopher's music shouldn’t work. Love song lyrics over left field hip-hop production with psychedelic elements edging toward engulfment. A voice ambiguously southern, one you can’t quite pair a face to. All of this with a versatility that can almost be sight-read to inspirations spanning from Andre 3000, Lupe Fiasco, and MF DOOM to Pink Floyd, Bon Iver, and 80s synth-pop. His roots start in bluesy Memphis, sprouting up from a lineage of singers and writers which served as fertile soil to explore music and the arts at an early age. From this point, Justin began to build a relationship with words and sounds, and their combined potential to manipulate feeling. This manifested itself in a band-nerd stint, making angsty songs with friends in high school. As he moved on to explore creative writing in college, he continued to refine his skillset and fully embrace his talents. Shortly afterwards, Christopher hopped over the Atlantic, making Europe his home for a few years. He now resides and creates from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.