How about a generously fresh indie r&b/hip hop track with a squeeze of lemon?

You guessed it right, I have the best remedy for any grump lump somewhere there in your day. It’s called “Embrace” and it will make you smile at whatever annoyed you today.

Behind this vibey tune is US rapper Justin Christopher, along with producer 9ICK. Together they tend to create atmospheric instrumentals and low-key hip hop which brings to mind Childish Gambino and J. Cole.

Justin’s latest single is an anthem bursting through the darkness with rich high beams. Through title and lyrics, the track urges his listeners to “Embrace” whatever life brings forth, no matter how terrifyingly complex or mundane. It sets out to acknowledge, accept and empower, even in situations that feel like emotional drainage. Pithy phrases such as "finding gratitude even at the funeral, or that imposter’s monotone, serve as optimistic stimulants", reinforcing the message that beats through the song’s pulse: embrace the absurdity of life. 


posted by Nora
August 2021