Mariah Priddy is a Boise native singer/songwriter with a knack for capturing all of the feels. Her dream-inducing and sultry tones are bass-driven and infused with harmonies, hip-hop, loft grooves, and a true force of a voice. After the breakup of her Boise band, Mariah took a year off from making music in 2018 but made the journey back to begin to create her own music. Over the last few years, she has taught herself how to produce and began collaborating with other creatives such as NoKillShelter. After years of travel, she has landed in LA full-time and is hustling with work on her new sound and content.  Like many real artists, Mariah’s music has become a reflection of how she understands the world. She uses sound to match the ebbs and flows of her mood and improvise vocals to match sounds that resonate with her feelings.