Gentle and delicate like morning dew this collab by NoKillShelter and Mariah Priddy will purify you.

“Colder” is a genre-bending piece, which carries slightly nostalgic vibes while creating space for some introspective contemplation. Intricate sound design and fairy-like vocals draw a sonic scape of serenity, smoothly making us surrender to a relaxing atmosphere. The lush electronica body of the track is complemented with gorgeous instrumentation towards the end when a 23-piece orchestral ensemble enters the composition to finalize the enchanting character of the track. NoKillShelter elaborates:

I had been facing a lot of disenfranchisement with the idea of being an adult. As children, we see the wonder in every object around us, but soon grow colder with age as we adapt to a society that doesn't reward individualism like we thought when we were told we could be anything. The cards have been stacked against us and no one has prepared you for the rude awakening of adulthood.

Marvellous and healing, "Colder" is a treat for everyone who prefers the lighter, elegant side of indietronica.

posted by Nora
January 2022