In 2012, Noosa self-released her debut self-titled EP which rapidly caught the attention of major blogs, resulting in every song reaching #1 on Hype Machine and hitting the top of electronic/indie pop iTunes charts. Her songs “Sail,” “Walk on By,” and “Wildfire,” among others, have been featured in TV shows and commercials across the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia. In 2017 she toured the US, and continues to develop her craft writing for myriad artists.  
 Born in the suburbs of New York City, Barbarick became obsessed with music as a teenager and was a fixture on the 2000s Long Island music scene. She learned to play a variety of instruments (piano, guitar, and synthesizers) while experimenting with music production on her family’s desktop computer. At 21 years old, Barbarick started releasing her own music as Noosa. Noosa is named after an Australian surf town she visited after quitting art school, where she began writing songs. Traveling between Los Angeles and New York for years, Barbarick settled in Los Angeles in 2020.