I like getting lost in cities and getting lost in songs. "Monotype"- the latest dreamy electropop release by Noosa, is exactly the kind of song that challenges you to keep up with it, instead of being able to predict where it's going.

Gradually evolving, the track incorporates ethereal vocals, introspective lyrics, funky synths, dreamy guitars, and a nu disco vibe. Hypnotizing and light, the sonic character of the track is built on several seamless transitions. It feels like Noosa's voice is flying over ever-transforming surfaces, engaging with them in a surprisingly coherent way. The LA-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist shares:

I'd always written from a place of longing. But after I started making this song, I decided that I wanted to write from a place of confidence, asking myself, ‘how do I actually want to feel?’

Fellings are a quite complex constellation, so it's no surprise the track took several different turns to answer the question she asked herself. Nevertheless, I pretty much enjoyed the walk and I assume you will too.

posted by Nora
October 2021