Re.decay join multiple genres and influences into a coherent new style. Their influences reflect this, citing the likes of ​J Dilla, Apollo Brown, Prefuse 73, Madlib, DJ Premier ​and Pete Rock as direct inspiration with less direct aspects of ​Jimi Hendrix, A-Wa, The Staples Singers, Nina Simone and ​Oneohtrix Point Never​. Their own work brings to mind collaborations in the likes of ​Marvin Gaye meets Dam Funk ​and​ Snoop Dog​. The conglomerative works of ​Re.decay​, ​ADH, Mawcom X and Sedric Perry prove their worth in ​‘Sun In The Morning’ as the unique stylings of each artist comes together to create a unique experience. With two different forms of vocals - an RnB style of singing meeting a hip hop syncopation - and multiple layers of production style, the single is mainly in hip hop territory with old school aspects of funk and RnB appearing. The resulting is awash with mellowed tones and rhythmic basslines, reinforcing the affirmation of using unorthodox techniques. Re.decay share some insight into the spirit of the single, ​“From the beginning, this song has been an expression of overcoming adversity. Mawcom X was almost unable to get us his verse because of power outages in Ghana but he made it happen. This is symbolic of the spirit of this song. The message is clear and true.”