An elegant souful slow-burner, "About A Tree" is just the smooth sonic medicine you might need.

A union of Re.decays's stunning production and Tyler Moonlight's gracious vocals, the track is touching and quite calming. I loved the lyrics, which might be interpreted depending on the listener's perspective. Whether you'd chose to see the track as an ode to nature or a romantic confession, one thing is for sure - you'll end up comforted and relaxed.

This tune is part of the Berlin-based duo's gorgeous debut album Way Out East. It is the duo’s most ambitious project to date, featuring 16 artists from 7 different countries. As is typical for Re.decay (Emanuel Bender and Owen Ross) the project marries a wide range of genres. Afro-infused grooves, raw hip hop, soulful house, and smooth r&b all coalesce in the gritty, ethereal textures and tone that permeate their catalog. And if you're into the sound of Anderson.Paak, Mac Miller, Hitboy, Little Dragon, Kendrick Lamar and Madlib you might want to check this album:

Re.decay · Way Out East

posted by Nora
February 2022