Rhi is a London-based producer, singer, songwriter and musician who creates minimal, ethereal electronic soundscapes. American born Rhi aka Rhiannon Bouvier grew up in rural Ontario, Canada. Looking back on her childhood, she recalls that piano first sparked her interest in music: “I can remember when I was younger my mum played a lot of classical piano.” Rhi explains. Taking up piano lessons at 8 years old, she took to it quickly playing mostly classical compositions. Growing up on a diet of classic rock, Rhi went to concerts in Toronto to see artists like Jethro Tull, Jeff Beck and Alice Cooper with her father. Soon after she was introduced to artists like System of A Down and Nirvana, and by the age of 14 she was playing guitar and writing her own songs. “There wasn’t a lot of music diversity when I was living there.” Rhi explains, “But then when you’re really into music, you see that more and you crave it.” Rhi moved to Ireland when she was 16, before moving to Brighton the following year to study music. Writing more music and treading heavier musical paths, she leaned towards alt-rock and grunge influences before forming the three-piece alt-rock band Monochrome Mary in 2013. Whilst travelling in 2014, Rhi was introduced to FKA Twig’s ‘EP2’, which kick-started her passion to become a producer. “Her voice was beautiful, but the thing I appreciated most about the music was Arca’s production, and I remember thinking I want to do that, and I want to be able to do all of it” Rhi explains. Delving further into electronic music, she sought out friends to teach her what they knew about producing. “It was definitely a learning curve, I think piano has always helped me writing songs and understanding keys. I was never that technically minded when it came to music. Like anything it takes a lot of practice and experimenting.”