Growing up in South London at the turn of the millennium, a young Telemachus soaked up the frequencies of late-night Choice FM and underground pirate radio, falling hopelessly in love with the Hip-Hop, Jungle, Dancehall, 2Step and Grime being beamed into his parents’ kitchen.

As a result, he tumbled into the UK Rap scene and under the pseudonym ‘Chemo’ he spent years pulling strings as a producer and sound engineer. Renowned as a hard worker with a keen ear for the unusual, he could count as comrades cult icons such as Beat Butcha, Jehst, Triple Darkness and High Focus Records.

Meanwhile, he travelled the world in search of remote and diverse cultures and music. Telemachus lived in the village of Mirleft in southern Morocco for 3 months in order to surf the Atlantic and make an album. The result (simply titled Telemachus In Morocco) is a sweet and potent brew of wistful North African strings, wild percussion, howling dogsand lashings of tape hiss.

Previous work was received favourably. Q Magazine called his work “masterfully soothing”, and The Quietus nominated it for “Album of the year”. Neil Kulkarni (DJ Magazine / Guardian) also called it “One of the greatest albums of the year”. The ‘Banshee EP’ (released via The Full Hundred / Sony) was an EP of upbeat, joyous, moody and wild tracks with the focus on unusual rhythms, thundering sub bass and tense melody.