Do you ever just see a cover artwork of a track and immediately think "I already imagine how this one is going to sound like and I know I'm going to love it"? If the answer is yes, then you pretty much understand my initial impression of eeph's remix of "Glacier" - originally a track by Ash Walker.

By alternating between the wide-sounding harmonized brass melody and the electric guitar sections, the vibe of the track truly resembles calmly flowing water, which can lead you on its own journey, once you sit back and let the sounds emerge one after the other.

The woody bass tone and the warm electric piano define the natural aesthetic of the track, alongside the foley textures, singing birds and water ambiance, also found in the soundscape of the tune.

Be sure to also check out more from Ash Walker and eeph, since they both have some amazing works!

posted by Chris
January 2021