In this time of FIAC in Paris (International Contemporary Art Fair), I wanted to showcase a nice arty endeavor by Autograf: to mix music and art. For their upcoming releases, the three of them have for ambition to create a graphic art to go along their own track. Inspired by Bansky and Pop Art, the art created for "Metaphysical" illustrates sixties super-model Twiggy.

Autograf - Metaphysical - Twiggy  

And indeed Twiggy seems like an appropriate choice to reflect the delicateness yet strong personality of the song. "Metaphysical" is as playful and mischevious as the Britton icon. Iconoclastic and classy, Twiggy was also known to question the rules and norms of her time - well, "Metaphysical" is not about what you think either... According to the Chicago-based band:

To us Metaphysical isn't about the origin of the universe. It's about the reality we create in our own lives. When we peel back the layers, we're all just human inside.

Recently signed on Counter Records (Ninja Tune), also home to Odesza and Maribou State, it is likely that their innovative vision will go past borders.

posted by Noemie
October 2015