If you're ever in need of spiritual guidance through the universe, look no further than the Glasglow-based band Azamiah. The 5-piece abides by no rules and masterfully plays with a number of genres with the end goal of opening a portal through time and space, so can all hop off this planet for a bit.

Today's highlight - "Night Woman" is taken from their 2023 debut LP In Phases (out via Rebecca's Records) and it is one of the most fluid progressions I've heard in a while. Ending with a lush climax of brass, rhythm, and soulful vocals, the song is your vessel toward psychedelia.

"We’ve grafted for almost three years together, recording vocals in my bedroom for weeks, producing and mixing these sounds to bring ‘In Phases’ into the world. Couldn’t be more grateful to all the team and everyone on our journey", the band shares on Instagram.

If you dig the early Thievery Corporation stuff with a splash of jazz feels, you're in the right place, friends.

Check out the full record below.

posted by Ivo
last month