A while ago we introduced you to the amazing sound of Polish producer Baribal if his name still doesn't ring a bell make sure to check our previous features for "Flow" and "OddAir" with another local gent and artist - Pold.

Continuing to be committed to his own unique style where he perfectly blends future beats, hip-hop, neo-soul and funk, Baribal opens the gate to another dimension with the chill & lush vibes RnB track "Toksyczni" ft. the wonderful voice of Polish singer Ciucixx.

This is the 6th track from their LP Sploty which was premiered recently. Not only that the singer is featured in all the tracks on the album, but in some of the tracks, like in this case the lyrics are in Polish - who said that everything should be in English when it comes to lyrics?

That's the magic of music - It connects. It gives you emotions. It gives you those chills. It makes you feel in a certain way. You don't need to understand the words in a song, you just feel them.

Spin their song and the entire album, pour yourself a drink, turn off the lights, light a candle and give yourself completely to the musical experience that these two artists have prepared for you.

posted by Boris
July 2022