Fresh off of the second run of pre-releases comes a powerful creation of intricately layered melodies packed with that Bassnectar punch that bass enthusiasts crave. From the musical composition alone, this delivers full-bodied synths like his last title track "Into The Sun" with the epicness similar to his "Underworld" remix by Rez and some curious, beautiful tone color similar to his "Dorfex Bos" remix.

What I liked most about this track is the title, actually.  The Bassnectar movement is well-acquainted with the term "open source" as Lorin himself often uses this term to describe his art and his live sets.  This track, to me, demonstrates the open source movement within our own unique lives.  My observation is that we conduct ourselves based on confines that social evolution has created -- information in the form of music, movies, advertisements, etc. to clue us into an objective understanding of emotions.  I was reminded that life itself is a set of unlimited possibilities and complex combinations of occurrences, which set a sense of freedom as I heard this song through.

Last week, I did my first Bassnectar song feature in preparation for the new Unlimited EP hitting planet earth tomorrow, the 17th of June. Check out the link above to get your ears on this.

posted by Mike
June 2016