Now is the time where people begin to reflect on what they did during a global quarantine. Ask NYC beat alchemist and he's been, perhaps unsurprisingly, cutting together samples into intricate compositions.

As live shows came to a halt, the transition to live streaming kept The Show running. And we all know that the show must go on. So what did Blockhead do during quarantine? He wrote an entire album based off of pure live-streamed flow.

His upcoming album is called Quar and Peace and it's a collection of sixteen beats made during those Instagram live sessions. A signature Blockhead style is bountiful in the first single "Moustache Ride" off of the new album, assembles a patchwork of the uplifting, yet mysterious melodies over an obscure broken beat. Get a glimpse into Blockhead's producer mind through the below production livestream in celebration of National Piano Day:

Buy/stream Blockhead'S new single "Moustache Ride" here.

posted by Mike
June 2020