Sometimes you just have to open the window or press play, for some fresh air to enter your room and some different thoughts to pop up in your head.

This fantastic jazzy tune is exactly the refreshing wave of sonic bliss which will help you change the frequency if you're a bit too stuck on the annoying rumble in your brain

Crafted by some hella good producers, "Ahmad" is a classy cut you'll have on repeat for a while. Living Room, Rosoul and Viktor Minsky came together to stir up a laid-back yet groovy concoction for your face to have no choice but glow up.

The track is part of Bluewerks: the first-ever collaboration series between the two iconic record labels Blue Note and Astralwerks. They joined for a collection of lo-fi tracks - the best of downtempo electronica with jazz infused sounds, which you can explore below:

Bluewerks · Bluewerks Vol. 6: Open The Window
posted by Nora
February 2022