Tenderness. Not just a word in Carmody's "Yosef" lyrics but the best way to describe this beauty.

The track will be included in her much anticipated debut album Imperfect Constellations, scheduled for release on July 6th via Young Poet. The acoustic meets indie composition arrives today alongside the release of Constellation B - 3 thematically linked songs that focus on "loss and learning to accept a new world without the person you love in it". This release is the second of 4 separate 'constellations' which will all come together on the July release date.

The talented singer and multi-instrumentalist who we've been following for years now shres, "This song is about trying to get to the depths of someone who is afraid to throw themselves open and be unguarded. I am asking the person to unravel so we can begin a more intimate relationship and create a language, which we will only find the words for if we are both willing to be vulnerable."

posted by Ivo
February 2022