Oh, New York.. There’s hardly anyone who’s ever lived and loved this city and doesn’t miss it, even when times are tough. Or especially when times are tough. Huge part of that ceaseless pull is the City’s resilience and vitality. Even in the grimmest of times, one can find hope and joy in the NY struggle. That exact attitude is what Chris Felix, Wombino and Jackson Mathod convey in their newest release “This Is NY.”

The conscious hip-hop track boasts retro-soul elements, which seems only fitting for a NYC-inspired song. I was especially moved by the steady calmness of the hip-hop beat, paired with the sax in the background and smooth rapping; all coming together to shape the quintessential round-the-clock NYC mood - a focused hustle chasing dat dream. 

“A feel-good track about the city I love. It's about embracing my life here, the incredible and the not so much. "This is NY” is the last single before I put out my Debut EP of the same name.”

- Chris Felix

Major shout-out to these 3 talented artists for this dope track! And to all current and former NYC residents, remember - just like NYC, you too will always raise and find a way. Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker [at heart]. 

Take a risk, take a chance hope it pays off
See the dice try and roll 'em when the stakes up
Blood, sweat, and tears leaving stains on the pavement

Summer rain take away my fears and I’ll make it

posted by Hristina
December 2020