Impeccable synth works, driving percussion and airy vocal textures turn Christian Löffler and Fejká's latest new single into an uplifting sound journey.

'Fjäll' is the Old Norse word for a fell, a high and barren landscape feature found in Northern Europe and like the landscape itself, the new track by Christian Löffler and Fejká evokes openness and spaciousness with atmospheric field recordings and beats that roll out endlessly. 

Both German artists are greatly inspired by the abundant nature of their surroundings on the Baltic sea coast and the Black Forest, which inevitably contributes to their shared aesthetics and synergy. Their latest collab was born from their constant dialogue and longtime habit of giving feedback on each other's work. Upon receiving an initial demo of the track from Löffler, Fejká playfully took to his synths adding subtle build-ups and drops to the producer’s atmospheric textures. He shares:

I had the feeling that the new tracks I added gave the song something rhythmic and hypnotic and that our two palettes flowed perfectly together. When I sent Christian my changed version without any expectations, he immediately wrote back to me that he was celebrating the new part and thus an unplanned collaboration was born. 

Now simply press 'play' and let yourself be carried on the wings of sound.

posted by Nora
September 2022