Derek VanScoten a.k.a Cloudchord has been rolling with the chillhop groove for some time now. He can play the guitar, and with it, Cloudchord bends the genre in a psychedelic way inspired by jazz and hip hop.

The U.S. producer collaborated with 1/2 of the electronic duo Big Gigantic - Dominic Lalli. The latter sent Derek a tune that suits him well, and the signature kaleidoscopic guitar gets involved. Тhat's how "Dreamer" comes to life. The flickering melody is home to Lalli's saxophone as well, and the soulful electronic track arrests us with its beautiful movement. "Dreamer" is a part of Cloudchord's upcoming full-length album that already has the singles “Boi Next Door” and “Junior High Dance" out. We are waiting in anticipation because Cloudchord always wants his listeners to join his ride.

posted by Krisi
December 2022