I've got hooked on UK hip hop today and can't help but share another gem.

East London rapper Con Cooke brings his new EP called Take Time. The 6-song project effortlessly blends hip hop, UKG, and breaks, with raw honesty in the lyricism, broken beats, and a captivating flow you can't be indifferent to. He seamlessly transitions between dancefloor-ready pieces and more introspective moments.

He elaborates on the EP, “This project is a sonic embodiment of the last 8 months of my life. An extremely turbulent period that has brought with it many changes, lessons, pain, and a lot of beautiful moments with those closest to me. If nothing else, I want my music to be honest and authentic and I’m proud to reflect on my first body of work and hear that back. I’m nothing without those around me. The music is influenced not only by what I’ve been listening to but by the people I’ve connected and worked with in that period as well. I think this project is quite a personal timestamp for me. It speaks both lyrically and sonically on where I am at the moment. I’m working hard. I’m embracing a lot of change and ultimately I’m still figuring everything out. It’s imperfect, and I like that about it.”

I really enjoyed "Change Pace" with its punchy drums, fast bars, and captivating synths. The upfront single "Onthefone" (#3 in the EP) is also worth checking, so do yourself a favour and play the whole thing.

posted by Nasko
March 2024