What a collab! This is a pretty good fit for a Sunday afternoon. And I'm watching the mountains at the moment and this feels just perfect!

Conor Albert & Carmody crafted "My Kind Of Love" to make you feel cosy & loved in the first colder days after the summer, with the gorgeous jazzy beatwork & gentle, soul-soothing vocals. Conor shares their experience:

I made ‘My Kind of Love’ with Carmody during our first ever session together. I hadn't really done sessions with songwriters before and I was a little nervous as I’d been a fan of Carmody for quite some time. Fortunately, the session turned out really well and we ended up with this tune which Carmody and I tweaked and added things too over the best part of a year. I think Carmody did such an amazing job on the lyrics and melodies for this song. She has a way of saying things very poetically, but it's never cliched or platitudinous. This is by far the track that took the most time to create on the EP, so I'm looking forward to having it out there in the world finally!

This is definitely something to play when you want to feel more hopeful & bright. And I do now.

posted by Nasko
September 2019