DESH and delaney. have made significant contributions to the jazzhop scene, marked by their impressive features, a series of outstanding singles, and their ability to push the genre forward with their spacey, soulful approach.

The pair have finally unveiled their debut body of work Honey Dips, a 5-track EP brimming with musical opulence. One of the stand-out tracks here is "Like U got what I need" which not only comes with a Noé Mina feature but also a stellar brass arrangement that gives the track an elegant touch. In fact, this release beautifully exhibits their one-of-a-kind jazz hop aesthetic as we're acquainted with airy synths and glittery keys that accentuate the track's dreamy allure. I can't neglect to mention the slick rhythm section that will have your head swingin' back and forth from start to finish.

posted by Lu
last month