What's the common thing between Spring and lofi? Well, they are both bringing us to a certain state of bliss, making us appreciate the small things and having more hope than usual.

Devon Rea has decided to capture the beautiful transition from Winter to Spring, offering a fantastic 5-track experience, to make you shine on the inside!

I'm happy to share with you his new EP, released by Stereofox, is meant to be a celebration of the cycles of life and the way time transforms everything. Carrying a deep sense of wisdom encapsulated in five elegant tunes, Seasons is Devon’s way to welcome us into a brand new cycle, that we can enter with a feeling of gratitude and hope.

The title track “Seasons” is the most cheerful piece on the EP, representing the amazing dynamics in nature, especially the liveliness of Spring. The release also includes features with two other renowned names tezpu (steezy prime), on the beautiful “Any Day Now”, and just steezy things, on the refreshing “Black Bear”. From the nobel lofi dustiness of the piano in “Afternoon Adventures” to the time-stretching brass embellishments on “Springtime”, the EP features all key ingredients for a complete ear-pleasing experience.

Stream here.

posted by Nora
May 2022