You're worn out from having a productive day. You've taken care of the things that had to be dealt with, but now it's time to take a breather. Like a calm breeze on the open sea, this track washes away all worrisome thoughts and fears.

It's my pleasure to share with you today this cool track titled "On The Sea". The French producers Dinis and Diiolme, funny enough, made this track on a boat out in open waters; hence the title.

The track captures a laidback feel with its smooth guitar composition and groovy drums. I personally loved the horn and string parts, they really took the track to the next level and elevated the whole vibe. I also found the change in tonality in the bridge great, it kept the track interesting and fresh!

I hope this track has the same effect on you that it did on me, it's great for winding down after a long day!

posted by Axian
February 2022