An awesome hip hop tune, ”Daydreaming” reminds me of being on the line with some authority (or something similar), and surprisingly they‘ve chosen a cool track to fill up the silence while you’re waiting for them to connect you with someone. But this is 10x better of course.

At one point, DJ Unknown was a critically acclaimed DJ producer, enjoying the life of parties, studios and red carpet events. However, as time went on, that lifestyle proved to be an illusion. The reality was much more mundane, and now we find Dj Unknown, toiling away at his 9 to 5, as an Android Repairman. He sits in his shop, taking odd jobs from people who have robots that need repairs. With Dj Unknown's Android Repair Service, we find Unknown behind his desk, in his shop, taking voice messages and responding to emails all day long. This is the soundtrack to his soul-crushing, dead-end existence.

“Daydreaming” is what appears to be DJ Unknown’s only way of escaping this mundane reality. With his new album, he offers us a futuristic journey, marked by his signature sound, a mixture of influences and .. voice messages. The witty concept, which turned his studio into a ‘repair shop’, represents a humorous and original approach to the huge shift of life circumstances we all had to endure.

Check the album below

posted by Nora
September 2021