If you see these two names side by side, you know you're in for quite a fascinating listening experience! Edamame's "Tongue" has been beautifully transformed by il:lo into a soothing sonic journey littered with surprises.

Edamame is a downtempo/electronica producer from Denver who has been featured on Stereofox countless times. French electronica duo il:lo is also a beloved act of ours, and their latest remix features the best of both worlds from both artists. I loved how the first half of the track takes on a dreamy, chillout demeanor by virtue of the glittery lead and laid-back drums. In the second half however, il:lo's rendition of "Tongue" lies between the border of dark and progressive - and this is the section that swept me off my feet! It's also quite tough to slot this into a particular genre, giving the release its own type of allure.

posted by Lu
last month