Imagine the meeting of two of the most talented and exceptional musical minds after a whirlwind tour across the US and Australia. The result? A sensational collaboration titled "Everything", masterfully crafted by edapollo and Mild Minds. Both familiar faces here on the Fox.

Their collaborative release will take you to a place where electronic vibes and ethereal melodies dance together, creating an enchanting experience. Released via ODESZA's Foreign Family Collective label.

At its core, "Everything" finds its inspiration in edapollo's previous track, "You're Everything" part of his latest full-length album Technicolour Places which we featured on the website back in July, so you've missed that here's your chance to have an awesome day ahead. In "Everything", Mild Minds injected new life into this foundation, adding his signature falsetto vocals and reshaping the arrangement into a more club-focused, beat-driven experience. The outcome is a collaboration that defies the norms and delivers a fresh perspective on their combined talents.

So, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let "Everything" transport you to a world of pure sonic delight.

posted by Boris
August 2023