"Metamorph" is like a heavy potion that you crave though it's a bit bitter. The alt-pop track is the latest single by German artist Egnalove. Inspired by artists like alt-J, Alice Phoebe Lou and The Neighbourhood, she delivers this dark but warm melancholy-driven song, sharing her inner world. She comments:

I wrote this song even pre-pandemic and European wartimes. I struggled to see people travel the world after finishing high school. I just wasn't in a place to do that. So many things that also come from a privileged status seemed to have become a standard I didn't even know if I could if I wanted to live up to; the possibilities opening by adulting, the sudden freedom scares me. I felt deficient, I compared myself a lot; just to come to a point where I could see that everybody struggles at times. Some people travel the world to feel at ease, some create art in their homes. We all just find different ways. It's really not about comparison in the end.

"Metamorph" is the first single off her upcoming debut album Mental Wealth, so stay tuned.

posted by Nora
May 2022