Been working on this project alongside UK producer and audio novelist Elijah Nang since last year and we're excited to share the first step of the journey. One of the biggest project we've taken on the label as it spins way beyond the sonic experience. It's a universe of itself.

This is the first single from his upcoming Gaijin 3000 release scheduled for February. This light novel spin-off builds on his Gaijin previous releases and takes 3000 years after the Edo period. I actually first got to experience Elijah's music with the Gaijin II Tale of Rai came out in 2020. It took me by surprise and I completely submerged in the creative world that the UK artist has created since 2015.

I highly recommend exploring his Lost in Japan I and II albums as well as his photography - love the aethetics.

We're yet to share more of the story of the protagonist of the story codename Anansi in the upcoming weeks, but let us tell you - we've planned A LOT for you.

Now, it's time to explore the futuristic vibe of "B E B O P", which blends chillhop, boombap and electronica elements.

Enter the world of Gaijin 3000.

Stream on all platforms here.

posted by Ivo
January 2022