The world needs to know about Elv. With a sound as filmic as it is progressive, the young artist sprung forth in the past year with his debut EP, Nightland, released via the New Dawn Collective. His upcoming Worlds Below EP aims to expand his sound palette and continue the story of his musical project, building a new world for the listener to be transported to.

A twinkling pad immediately greets the listener, delicate yet suspenseful in it's quiet presence. Building into a heart-wrenching string section, the stage is clearly being set for something truly grand.

The drop is subtle and held-back; a thick sub is layered with a solo cello and left to carry the track on it's own. Paired with a huge, reverbed snare, the resulting soundscape is vast and cavernous, truly living up to the track's name. Numerous elements are lowpassed, painting a world that feels like it's underwater. In fact this watery landscape is made only richer by the eerie vocal runs that supplement the strings in the second half, dragging the listener through the track as a siren might lure her prey.

The surface approaches; black, impenetrable, and as the waves rush to embrace you, you wonder; is it really so dark down there, or is it but a veil? What worlds lie below?

Elv - "Worlds Below"

Watch the "Worlds Below" visualiser here, and keep an eye out for the full EP releasing with New Dawn Collective on February 4th.

posted by Rob
January 2021