Emancipator is a legend. The US producer recently announced the ​Mountain of Memory (Remixes)​ LP via his self-founded ​Loci Records and we've been on standby ever since​. Well, yesterday was the day and rushing to share with you LP's opening track - a take on "Alligator" by Good Lee. The Vienna-based artist and contemporary dancer delivers a power-charged and gracious take on the original turning into the perfect soundtrack to explore uncharted territories.

The LP has remixes by other friends like Cloudchord, Andrew Rothschild, ITO, Koresma, Marley Carroll, edapollo, jackLNDN, Maddy O'Neal, Arms and Sleepers, Poldoore, Murge and il:lo. Wait... have we featured every single one of those guys? Damn, now that's what I call a proper line-up!

posted by Ivo
October 2020