Fresh bounce with organic flavour, "Souldia" brings the club to the forest (or the jungle).

This happens to be the first single taken from a forthcoming album by Emancipator and his long-time collaborator, label-mate, and member of his live band – Lapa.

“Souldia”, out now via Loci Records, is another interesting sonic turn for the musicians as they cast their talents to the outer realms of dance music and incorporate deep and tech house influences into an expansive and winding arrangement.

The track starts with a calm feeling of mystery and anticipation that unfolds into a journey of non-stop forward motion, riding a razor's edge of lightness and darkness along the way before culminating in an unexpected orchestral disco peak section, fitting of Studio 54, where Lapa’s violin influences are on full display.

In other words, this is a brilliant appetizer for what is yet to come, so stay tuned.

posted by Nora
July 2022