Dreamy R&B duo Flõstate, named after “the effortless, endless search” consists of Michael Le (aka MKSTN) and Avery Florence. Their sophomore track “Home Ground” is a winsome and fluid sound fresh out of Toronto. It is laced with shimmering chimes and a lively drum track courtesy of producer MKSTN, as well as Florence’s delicate, soothing singing. 

Phil from Havêa’s remix of “Home Ground” puts a UK garage spin on the track. Adding a rich, warm bounce to it along with electronic texture, the Berlin-based producer and former A&R at Majestic Casual highlights the best parts of the track and takes them to the next level. 

The artist says the remix was a natural and intuitive process:

“I’d been revisiting some old project files from 2016, right when I started working on this remix, eventually leading me to re-discover that bouncy bassline and filtered sample from an older demo I’d been meaning to finish for years (inspired by the classic house bassline on The Deep’s “Love Your Brother”).The elements fit perfectly with the chords and vocals from “Home Ground” and it all just came together very quickly and organically at that point.”

Check out the dreamy duo Flõstate if you haven't already and be sure to keep an eye out for Phil from Havêa's upcoming work!

posted by Lora
March 2021