I have a lot of questions when it comes to FLOYD WONDER's new track, but before we go at it, let's set the record straight. This track is better than coffee and cooler than an icy drink at 2pm on a hot summer day. It's basically every party's good-times turnover point.

Now, the first thing I wanted to point out is that the first time I heard the description brunchcore, but that's how the LA duo describes themselves. I can see myself getting on that bandwagon. Taken from their 2019 3-track EP release french toast, I couldn't stress enough how much I'm vibing with "here we go again". Made my day!

The duo comes with a colourful background story for those who want to dig deeper.

Floyd Wonder is a tribute to the music of Detroit’s one and only legendary underground funk mailman, Suede. A visionary party animal, who was in bed by 4pm and rarely left his kitchen, Suede’s music left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of dozens, despite never actually being recorded. We all know he was born on Valentine’s day and had a strong penchant for breakfast foods. It's common knowledge that he taught Prince to play guitar, gave Hugh Hefner his first smoking jacket, and partied with Rick James on the regular. But Floyd Wonder wants to be certain that Suede’s influence on music and modern culture is never forgotten. An influence that went so far, that by the time of his passing in 1983, he was credited with adding nearly 11 words to the common English vernacular. Ever heard of biscuits? Tube tops? Winnebagos? Yup, all Suede’s. Or so the legend goes…

posted by Ivo
July 2020