Damn, how much I've missed writing good old features!

This month has been really intense with the label and helping the team, so writing took a back seat. Time to fix that with one of the most interesting and lush future beats gems I've found in a while.

Meet 19 years old Italian producer Frasco who makes "chord-based" music. "QUARZO", taken from his upcoming EP is a breath of fresh air for any Soulection fan out there.

"From music to graphic design and digital art, I always try by myself to convey small details of my world, where people, for a brief moment, can disconnect from the chaos of planet Earth.", shares the artist. "I love to associate an ethereal space with each song, and represent it on the cover, having synaesthetically attention on the colors used. This song was produced thinking about what the color "Han Purple" might sound like."

I love the overabundance of sounds in "QUARZO". It will make you feel like exploring space and all those unknown worlds beyond our solar system while injecting you with this surge of energy.

posted by Ivo
April 2022