Bells are ringing, but it's not Christmas yet. It's the amazing new release by Haak.

His latest track is smoothly riding down the slope of future bass. Blending lush atmospheric textures with contemporary bass music (think Koan Sound, Ekcle, Mr. Bill, Aphex Twin), "Migratory" is a really immersive tune with an adventurous feel to it. Here is what Haak shares on the track:

I wanted it to feel surprising and refreshing through its 4-minute journey, so I focused on creating waves of layers that flow in and out over time, and contrasted that with textural percussive elements and little glitches/variations. Hope this song takes you somewhere for a little while -- it was a nice escape for me as I put it together mid-pandemic.

I think he definitely achieved this goal - listening to the track truly takes you somewhere else and allows you to explore the wonderful amalgam of sonic textures and layers.

posted by Nora
October 2021