Time to meet you with Monikaze - the Lithuanian composer, producer, singer and songwriter who will blow your mind. You might have seen her name on the platform, because of this awesome remix, but it was high time for us to share with you a track of her own.

Monikaze (Monika Zenkeviciute) happens to be an extraordinary music artist, who bravely experiments drawing inspiration from IDM, ambient, electronica, jazz and other styles, where synthetic and acoustic sounds and vocals overlap. "What Can I Say" will certainly give you an idea of what that sounds like. Stunning beatworks and high-voltage vocals will electrify you while listening to this amazing piece.

The song was inspired by her experiencing a long-distance relationship throughout the pandemic. She elaborates:

This song is about the pleasant silence between 2 people, about the specific kind of communication in which words are unnecessary and can only ruin everything. It was inspired by my ex-boyfriend. I couldn’t really let him go even though I knew I had to. He was in the UK and I was stuck in Lithuania due to Covid. But we used to have these long calls where we would just leave the camera on, place our laptops in front of ourselves and fall asleep together while looking at each other.

The track is taken from her latest album Waste of Space released on Moshi Moshi last year. Don't miss out on it - it's brilliant - to put it simply.

posted by Nora
January 2022