When it comes to new experimental indietronica artists, emerging on the horizon as of late with unique and attention-grabbing releases, Fred Red and Maura are definitely high on the list. The Berlin-based duo is not afraid of pushing the envelope of what is normally associated with styles like hip-hop, soul, chillhop, and "Bluebike" is the perfect example.

Opening with a dreamy jazz-hop-like intro, the track then blossoms into a soulful beat-driven journey. The groovy laid-back percussion piercing gently through the distant melodic textures of Fred Red's beat provide a gorgeous backdrop for Maura's delicate, yet present vocals. With its intriguingly mysterious storytelling and experimental soundscapes on "Bluebike" it undoubtedly stands to reason that this Berlin duo is considered as one of Germany's most exciting musical underdogs.

"Bluebike" is Fred Red's and Maura's first single off their upcoming debut album "Grimus", expected to be released this April so make sure to follow them and keep an eye out!

posted by Chris
March 2021