If you've been missing that extra bit of boom-bap flavor in your morning coff- I mean, in your lo-fi beats playlist, this track by Ghost Weather might interest you.

With "Your Morning Coffee" serving as the opening track on his first lo-fi mixtape "Lofi Focus Session, Vol. 1" the young US-based producer Ghost Weather explores the acoustic realms of the genre. The song features handcrafted synth textures and gentle acoustic guitar melodies making their way through the punchy drums giving the track its distinct semi-broken-up groove style. Alongside the impressive instrumentation on the track (and on the rest of them in this lo-fi mix), you might also hear samples recorded in Cincinnati, Charleston, Charlotte, and Philidelphia, so you can choose to either calmly enjoy the music, or go on an adventurous mind-trip in those cities.

In case you find yourself in need of some lo-fi beats with an awesome experimental twist, be sure to give Ghost Weather's full 20-minute mixtape a listen:

Ghost Weather · Lofi Focus Sessions, Vol. 1
posted by Chris
March 2021