If you've been following the fox for some time now (as you should, of course) the name "Ghostnaut" won't sound unfamiliar to you. The Canadian music producer is back at it again with an unsurprisingly stunning track released via Aviary Bridge Records.

For "Watery Soul" Ghostnaut joins forces with Elior and newcomer Rémi Cormier for a soulful bouncy track, sprinkled with some playful horns. The clean neo-soul guitars, stylistically reminiscent of something that might appear on a Tom Misch track, lead the track into jazzy territory. The brass trills, doubling the main melodic motif in the chorus of the tune give the whole performance a more tight sound, solidifying the mellow yet bright feel of the track.

With its beautiful blend of soul, jazz, hip-hop and electronica, "Watery Soul" is another one of those must-have tracks for your good vibes playlists!

posted by Chris
April 2021