It's time for us to take another through the musical world of  Norwegian 6-piece soul/funk band GiddyGang and Vuyo as they drop their latest tune "Queendom", featuring the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff & DJ Chali. The track is the second offering and a new sneak peek into their upcoming Art Over Profit EP - a project that's all about redefining music as we know it.

The track can be described as a snapshot of what happens when art meets the bottom line. You've got Sarah and Vuyo laying down lyrics that hit you right in the feels, all wrapped up in this lush, majestic sound. It's like a perfect marriage of GiddyGang's lead singer Sarah's playful vocals and Vuyo's knack for delivering lyrics that make you sit up and listen. And let's not forget those tight beats, the slick marching snare drum, jazzy keys, and soothing melodicism that come in just when you need them most. Everything about this track is just plain awesome.

Welcome to the place where music rules, and all these lads and their contributors are the kings and queens of the soundwaves. Get ready to vibe and let the music do the talking.

posted by Boris
August 2023