Loci Records is a label featured frequently on Stereofox, and for good reason. The Portland-based outfit is a hub for high-quality, genre defining work from the likes of Edamame, Tor and the label founder himself, Emancipator. Their latest offering is a new seven-track EP from Austrian producer Good Lee.

The lead track, "Arctos" offers four and a half minutes of bliss to kick off an expansive and highly thought-provoking body of work. Seemingly sparse, isolated riffs are quickly reinforced by counter melodies and textural layers that interact to form an immersive soundscape. "Stronger together" seems to be the main idea being pushed to the listener; perhaps a deliberate nod to the title of the EP We Are.

Indeed the EP has a highly poignant message, as stated by the man himself:

We Are is inspired by the thought of all the limitless and subjective meanings behind these two simple words as well with the intention for it to be a question for everyone with an open answer. Keywords that influenced the process of the EP are humanity, crisis, love, animals, forgiveness, healing and hope.

posted by Rob
June 2020