Do you know the feeling of waking up on a sunny morning, having the whole day ahead of you with no tasks, work, or responsibilities?

This is what Goson & So.Lo tried to encapsulate in their new single via Stereofox, "Radiant Mornings". They elaborate, “This song draws inspiration from the calm and beauty of early mornings, capturing the essence of nature awakening. It’s akin to a musical painting of that tranquil time of day when everything is hushed, fresh, and filled with hope. Each listen invites you on a peaceful stroll through nature, at the beginning of a bright new day.”

You'll surely fall in love with the delicate guitars, warm pads, and soothing drums, alongside the delicate vocal samples that flow like a gentle breeze. A truly serene listening experience.

Stream/buy the song on your fav platform here.

posted by Nasko
December 2023