If you haven’t heard of psychedelic princess Greentea Peng yet, you are seriously missing out. 

“Kali V2” is the second teaser track from Peng’s upcoming album MAN MADE, expected to come out on June 4th this year. 

Between the lines of her thought-provoking lyricism, we find notes on society’s current state: poverty, marginalized communities, racism, and oppressive systems. Describing it as a “fickle paradise,” Peng calls on Hindu goddess Kali - destroyer of evil forces - to burn down the old narrative and system and rise up with “a new sound.” 

Despite the weight of her words, Peng keeps the sound of her music loose with her silky voice and tropical, glistening riddims. Her flow is fluid, evolving from dynamic wordplay to slow and smooth singing. It’s difficult to pin a genre on Greentea Peng’s music - she fuses neo-soul, R&B with head-bopping elements of hip-hop. 

And of course, would it be a Greentea Peng track if there wasn’t an aesthetic, impressive visual? No, no it would not be. 

Check out the video below and if you’re thirsty for more, pour yourself a cup of green tea and relish in Greentea Peng’s winsome, riveting sound. 

posted by Lora
April 2021